Saturday, November 27, 2004

and its clear again...

As i anticipated, it seems that my life is back in order now... things are 'clear' again... at least for the meantime.

Or maybe i just have better/happier things to pre-occupy myself with - being my trip! I am leaving tomorrow nite!

A minor issue is about this box of mangos which i have. I've actually never bought mangos to my tropical-fruits-deprived relos in HK before... so i dont really have the requisite 'experience'. Suggestions so far have been:

1. Check it in
  • pros: dont have to carry it on the plane and look like a dickhead; can use lotsa 'fragile' stickers
  • cons: mangos will get bumped around, esp since i have to transit; bringing bruised mangos to relos is not good.

2. Carry it on the plane

  • pros: can protect the fruit
  • cons: look like a dickhead; unsure how to pack them - should i carry a box on or wrap up mangos individually and put them in a bag?

ANY suggestions would be MOST welcome.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

a twist of fate...

Isn't it strange how you think things are going so well, that everything is under control... and then suddenly, something happens and everything changes?

Or perhaps its not so much that everything changes, but rather, something happens and makes u realise what has been going on and all the problems and issues resurface. Makes you think that you never really know what this strange little world really brings.

I'm one of those know-it-all control freaks, i always like to think i know more than people around me, that i can always see things clearly and that i know exactly how other people are and how i am. I always think i can solve my own problems and cant see why other's cant. And if they can't, they are simply weaker. But more and more i think that this arrogance is simply naivity. I never thought that i would be caught in this place. I always think that people who cant make a firm decision, who delve in and out of the same problems over and over are pathetic. And perhaps they are - which means that i also am.

Until last night, i had honestly thought that i had 'solved' the problem - i have 'made' one (correct) decision and i haev stuck with it... and i was happy. Until the stupid little thing that happened last night, which suddenly dispelled my certainty and bought me right back to where i was - except everything is a little worse than it was.

And then i think of the other more optimistic possibility - that i'm only having these thoughts and uncertainties bc i am stressed out and haev pms or something. Which would mean that i will be back to my old arrogant and know-it-all self in no time.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random Thoughts

As suggested by title - some random thoughts i have had whilst "studying"

1. Very amused by Friendster - yes i know, its passe, you are over it... but that still doesnt stop me from hours of clicking into other people's worlds. Particularly enjoy perving of photos of chicks - you know, those chinese chicks who do that japanese school girl/model/AV look. For those who want to try it at home, here is the recipe:

  • digital camera
  • a thick fringe
  • eye liner
  • bright white fluro lighting
  • pout

Instructions: ensure eyeliner is heavily applied, position thick fringe to cover face. tilt head down and enlarge eyes as you gaze towards the camera lens - pout like there's no tomorrow. Best served cold.

2. Been thinking about the effects of alcohol. I have to confess - i'm never really that drunk.... i can always remember. Personally, i never really behave out of character when i'm pissed... perhaps only an exagerated version of my boisterous and terrible self. Perhaps a 'self' fueled with the good old 'dutch courage' which provides an excuse for evil doings...

Some close friends like to laugh hysterically and then cry at the drop of a pin, others would hit ppl who (perhaps) truely deserves a slap, and then there are those who become sad and contemplative and declare their undying love... Sometimes i think its all just an excuse.

I'm rather curious - what type of drunk are u? (please reply in comments section - would love to know).

addendum: speaking of drunk - found this amusing little number from someone else's blog. A 'personality cocktail' based of your name...

How to make a Jumping Puddles

5 parts anger

3 parts arrogance

5 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Geez... its as if this little computer program had known me all my life...~~ But then again, i'm not always 'jumping puddles'...

3. Rediscovered one of my favourite songs. Underwater Love by SmokeCity. I remember waiting for it to come on the radio when i was in Highschool, though it never really made it up the charts. I dont really understand the lyrics... but i love that sensual rhythm and that hyponotic melodie... and of course the exotic nature of spanish (?) interposing the english lyrics.

As the song itself sums up ++BeaUTifullY LiQuiD++

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's All Over!

i am as predictable as pie arn't i? i just couldnt resist writing about the last episode of Sex and the City that aired tonight.

I love that fact that women instinctively scream when they are reunited with a long (or not so long) lost girl-friend whom they sorely miss - whether the women are carrying fendi and wearing blahniks, or whether they are wearing bonds chesties and havaianas.

Relationships that are old and familiar Posted by Hello

and i love the fact that a tv show can make me cry (when C and Big found each other, and they had this soppy 'teary moment) and then instantaneously laugh uncontrollably (when Big kept on insisting he has to kick russian arse). I mean... i was quite a sight!

Big: Look, I'm clocking this foreigner and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Posted by Hello

Finally, i'm also glad that COR showed himself for who he really was... what else can i say but "i told you so!" =) Now, dont get me wrong... i've never been a fan of Big... i dont beleive that any self respecting chick should deal with guys like that. Perhaps, as my very mushi friend Edi said, it was too mushy and not really reflective of what SATC stands for... but at least Samantha went out with 'a bang'... =) But hey, u gotta love a happy ending.

A happy ending? ...Abso-fucken-lutely! Posted by Hello

To re-live these final SATC moments, you can of course get the DVDs (which will come out in a snazzy shoe-box pack) or you can peruse the transcript.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Quote of the Day

Good girlfriends are human wonder bras - uplifting, supportive and able to make each other look bigger and better.

Source: The Age

Bring Back the Drop Waist!

This is my conspiracy theory of the day: it appears that the designers have gotten together and decided to play a prank of all of us. And we, the innocent women of the world, have fallen (fashion) victim to their devious ploy.

After months of 'drop-waist' designs, they have decided now to bring back the waist. They have just waited til we had gotten complacent and used to the idea of clothes which skim and hide our tummies... waited til we thought that the extra packet of doritos wouldnt hurt... waited til we decided it was no longer necessary to do those 200 crunches every night... and then BANG... they ambush us with "the waist".

Now, dont get me wrong, i love that whole elegant, lady-like 50s look designed to essentuate the hour glass nature of the female form: it looks great... if your name is Kylie Minogue. For the rest of us mere mortals, the thought of being belted, ribboned and sashed is a pure nightmare.

Third Millenium Posted by Hello

More evidence... (love this outfit tho'...the devil always carries such sweets) Posted by Hello

Alannah Hill ~ from the enemy camp Posted by Hello

worse still, these designs are no longer confined to the pages in glossy magazines where they do no harm of models... but with the dawn of spring and summer they have leapt out into the real world, penetrating into the locality of our shopping centres...

thank god i'm leaving for hong kong....

Saturday, November 13, 2004


i guess i should explain the puddle jumping thing...

some time during my glorious HighSchool Years (i'm guessing probably in 1998/9 VCE years ~ stress does make ppl go a little crazy), i founded the National Puddle Jumping Association (NPJA). In short, its a club for puddle jumpers all over the country to embrace in the nobility of puddle jumping.

Puddle Jumping is not a sport. Its non-competive, and there are no rules. You just kinda... 'go with the flow'. There isnt even a set guideline as to what constitutes puddle jumping ~ members can choose to jump into the puddle (the splashers) or over the puddles (the leapers) or be a combination of both depending on one's mood. One thing is for certain is the spirit behind puddle jumping.

Our motto is "with grace and integrity" and it is something we stand by. To jump puddles is to acheive the mental state of integrity - being true to one's feelings and thoughts - and from that begets true grace. It is perhaps hard to understand - one has to 'experience'.

For those who are interest, please contact me for more information.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

ultimate procrastination

Even i cant beleive what i had just done! in my ultimate boredom and a world-record stretch of my procrastination skills, i started look up the meaning of names from those baby name sites. Now trust me, i am not one of those people who go all 'goo goo ga ga' at babies... in fact, if the goo goo ga ga thing became a religion, i'll be pretty much the anti christ.

Anyway, basically in my search, i suddenly had this thought: i wanted to name my daughter (if i ever am under such a misfortune) Kaylin. It doesnt really seem to be a name as such (well, not according to babynames.com) and i havnt decided on the spelling, but i thought it sounded nice, and it could be shortened to "Kay" which is kinda cool.

anyway, should get back to work.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Losing Friends?

Are we in that stage in our lives where we are 'losing friends'? well, perhaps not so much losing per se, but just drifting apart.

Just sent an email to an old friend S. She is one of (if not THE) nicest people i know. So well natured, kind and caring, generous, always thinking of others, never selfish, dedicated and determined, hard working, and most of a good heart and a true friend. Sometimes, she so 'nice' to the point that its painful to watch. In first year we used to email each other almost daily. She went to a different uni from me, so we dont really have much opportunities to catch up but for the emails. We just used to talk about our daily lives, what has happened, who we've met, what problems we are facing... perhaps not so much asking for advice, but just sharing our itimate thoughts and feelings on the matter. As we had described, almost like and interactive diary.

Somewhere along the track, we had stopped. I dont think either of us can remember why. Perhaps we got too busy (wel... though i'm never busy)... perhaps we just couldnt be bothered... or perhaps it was too hard trying to factor another person into our lives? Last week, i got an email from S - it turned out to be just spam mail. i emailed her to ask if it was her, and she wrote back. her message was short - basically 'no it wasnt me... but how are u... i'm busy with exams etc etc...' Just friendly chit chat, but it was sweet and caring and genuine - just as i would expect from her.

I wrote back. it was a long-winded ordeal... i told her about how i'm worried about work (couldnt think of a better person to share that with - S is always a good listener and an understanding friend)... how its kinda weird finishing uni... and how i missed those emails we used to have. Which was the truth. i really wonder whether we have drifted so far apart, and whether its still possible to 'pick up where we left off'?

Watched the 2nd final episode of sex last nite. And it kinda hit me that i didnt really care abt that bullshit with Big and COR (creepy old russian)... what touched me was the part abt losing her friends. And as tears gushed into my eyes, i wondered, along with Carrie... "what if i had never met you...?"

Friday, November 05, 2004

I "heart" Blog!

Quite happy with this 'new' blog. So... hmm.. welcome to my public BLog... please make yourself at home :)

i guess the reason i started this was to procrastinate (see first blog ever) - i've just sucessfully wasted 3 hours of my time doing this, and i am no where closer to passing my stupid copyright exam. I guess the other reason was, this whole 'multimedia/techy/internet thing' is getting me motivated to keep a diary again. i used to write pretty religiously in that thing. but then i have lost interest - plus it hurts when i write now (the condition of typing all the time!). i like the idea of writing down my thoughts, keeping a record of how i feel during different times of my life. True - most of those records involve relationships and sadness (Q: are the 'sad' moments what is worth remembering? or do we simply trust ourselves to remember our happiness even without tangible evidence?), but perhaps those things is what makes up our lives?

the other thing i guess, is that i became fascinated with the idea of sharing thoughts with billions of strangers. Largely though, this is written for me (sorry to those of you who accidently stumbled upon this piece of shit - i do not promise a very invigourating read), just like my own diary. It will not make sense, i will not explain everything. But somehow the idea of just putting it out there, just for the odd chance that someone will read it - there is something liberating about that.

hmm... i guess this post just contradicted what i had said. well... i suppoes this is the only (?) post which is directed at 'you'. the rest of this blog is for me.