Monday, November 12, 2007


I know this guy from a number of years ago, a few years younger than me, but we were doing vacation work together. A small group of us vacationers at the time got along really well - going out on fridays, rolling our eyes at each other during yet another training session. Though at the end of it, we kind of went our separate ways, particularly because this guy chose to go back to uni to study a law degree.

Then a couple of years ago, I met a girl - also doing vacation work. Though this time, she was the vacationer and I was her 'buddy'. She struck me as being very intelligent, elegant, and an all around lovely girl. At the end of it, we parted our ways, with her going back to uni for another two years, eventually joining a law firm.

Through the magical powers of facebook, i realised that these two were actually a couple. Not too surprising considering that they did study at uni together. Every so often I would see a picture of the two of them together on facebook - nothing special, just random stuff, small giggles, the ddribs and drabs of life. and Yet something makes my heart melt. There was just something about them that i felt was so right... and yet i knew nothing really about these two people. Somehow, although i knew them briefly and in a different context, i can see how they would click. And i felt that the fact the two lovely people found each other was something, special.

Its funny how you can see some couples that simply warm your heart and you know that it would work out and that they will have children and bicker and laugh and grow old. Its not the couples who show pictures of romantic candle lit dinners, who share stories of their engagement, the song that a certain someone wrote for a certain someone... but the ones that... click.