Sunday, July 31, 2005


Was at a "dinner party" last night with some friends from work. We had eaten the delicious korean food my friend prepared to our heart's content, and the lull in the conversation signaled the need to enter into the 'other room' for tea and dessert.

I sat up slightly from my chair to adjust my skirt, and as i sat down again, the fat bits on my thighs (hereafter referred to as 'thigh-fat') kinda squished together, compressing a bubble of air. Now that was all fine - except for the fact that it made a 'fart' sound.

Hence the title of this blog. I was mortified.

And i know that this group of 'friends' will NEVER let me live it down. During the rest of the night, i was the subject of a whole galaxy of flatulence jokes and i anticipate that there are plenty more to come. In fact, I feel that this is something that is going to come up at my wedding, and quite possibly my funeral (but i do presume that some of these ppl will die b4 me.. haha...)

I told an old friend of the incident over lunch today and explained how i was completely embarrassed. He kinda chuckled at me (supressing bursts of laughther no doubt) and told me that last week he went to have parmas with his workmates and that he was the only person not to finish the parma. Somehow, i think my story kicks his arse in the embarrassment stakes.

So please, to those of you reading this and feeling my pain. Please share your embarrassing stories. :-)

Many thanks in advance.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


This is my token weekend blog. I dont really have anything to say right now. During the week i remember having several brain-waves but the thought of staring at the computer screen after work was too much to bare.

So here i am, on a relaxed sat arvo (not hungover!! horray!) with nothing much to say.

Perhaps i should just make a list of things - for the sake of it:

1. On Tuesday nite (i think) i had a dream. I was going off to uni carrying one of those rediculously heavy law text books (u know- those butterworths ones), when i suddenly realised that i had already graduated. Elated by my discovery, i thought that maybe i should just discard the text book and go shopping. However, my happiness didnt last long - someone told me in the dream that i had to go to work, but i was also actually still at uni.

Then i woke up. And i realised that my nightmare was a reality. Our masters classes started yesterday.

2. Had a group bonding session yesterday. Bowling from 3pm followed by drinking til eternity. My favourite manager A, and favorite senior M got completely drunk. A's husband, D, joined us for drinks. D's friend thought i was hot. hahaha...

3. B is inviting us over for a civilised dinner party tonite. very exciting stuff. Am very pleased that i bought her favourite white wine at a nice discount.

4. Cant believe i still havnt seen Sin City. Will do tmr though.

5. Read Sevenchild's comment on my last blog. Am very happy to hear from her. very happy.

6. Sent off my dear little W last nite. Hope she has a wonderful time in Europe/UK and find whatevery she feels is missing in her life.

7. Had a bit of a shop today - probably explains my new positive outlook. Am very please.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


This weekend (so far) i've felt that i havnt been able to control my mood. Perhaps that may sound strange, but i've always felt that i'm one of those people who are (reasonably) in control of their feelings.

My friends noticed that last nite i was 'down' or 'sad' about something. Whilst i came up with a superficial reason, they told me that it was something more. I m not really sure whether i was actually 'sad' about something or what i was 'sad' about. I did remember being quite happy at one stage but i couldnt pin point what changed things around.

Perhaps i'm 'sad' because at this point, i genuinnely dont know what i want and i've realised i cant live in limbo for much longer. Maybe its bc my bestie is overseas and i dont have anybody who is non-judgement and "knows" me to talk to. Maybe i need her here to tell me what i'm feeling... in that incredibly perceptive way that only she can.

In the meantime, i think i'll continue to sift through old music in search for that perfect moody song to listen to over and over again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lost and Found

Newton's third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When applying this to life, perhaps it all boils down to the concept of karma. The theory of cause and effect, of 'what comes around goes around'.

To my friend who lost his watch, i'm sincerely sympathetic. And as for me, i wait patiently for what the karma beast has install.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

12 degrees

It's 12 degrees today, and i can definitely feel it. I've been at home for most of this weekend. I guess that it kinda suits my present mood.

Sometimes you need to just curl up on the couch in the dark watching hours upon hours of bad television. today i felt my brain go numb. That was promptly followed by the realisation that television simply does nothing for you. You dont learn anything, and it doesnt provoke any thought whatsoever. And after that brief moment of realisation, i continued to watch it some more.

i read in a book once that colder cities tend to be the perfect brewing ground for culture and the intellectual. the cold weather, it was claimed, was conducive of being indoors and, well, thinking. I guess i theory is that the 'thinking' would somehow lead to great ideas. The book must be talking about a time before television was invented.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Today has been weird. THis morning the sun came out. It was really quite beautiful - as if it were spring or summer or something ludicrously lovely like that. For some strange reason, as i looked out the window my reaction was "what's up with the sun?". in a strange and disaproving tone.

And then, the sun went away. And it rained... and rained. And the day became an ordinary Melbourne winters day. As if the sun had never come out in the first place. In fact, for those people who slept in (and i suspect that would be many of you reading this), they wouldnt have even suspected that the morning was, what it was.

Somehow, i feel quite puzzled.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

05 Drinking Grads

It appears that this blog has become (yet another) one of those which tediously relay stories of drunkeness... perhaps unfortunately my life has resolved to this.

Last nite, we made another addition to the team. Mr Kelv B. You may recall that Kelv also featured in a previous post as the 'legend'. And indeed he is. This is despite the fact he got shitfaced a little too early on and started throwing up in an alley way... we cant hang shit on him, cos we do still owe him one. His legendary status remains unchanged. Plus there is a possibility that we can revisit the spa.

Whilst the drinking and the resultant drunken conversations (etc) is a great opportunity to 'get to know' ur workmates a bit more - when/where is the line? Do we spend TOO much time together? Is the line when you get so drunk at 10.30pm that you think its a good idea to have a few more b4 meeting your other friends? Or is that line when after those 'few more' you get so drunk at 12.30pm that you cant get to your ''other friends' and have to be driven home by the designated driver (who herself has had a fair few)?

which ever - but i think that line is definitely when you wake up the next day to find out that ur best friend is pissed off with you for ditching her. and that her nite perhaps wasnt as great as it could/should have been. and that you realise that it is your fault.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Touchy Feel-y Stuff

My friday horoscope advised me this week to be less wary of the 'touchy-feely stuff', to get right into it and banish my cynical self for a moment.

In a bizarre way, it kinda came true. This w/end was full of 'relationship' talk. On Sat i went to see the Dutch Masters exhibition with an old friend who, as she put it herself, has just had her heart ripped open. For 3 months, she had lived with an overshadowed sadness - a sick feeling that she couldnt face the day. Of course, i was initially cynical, and perhaps inwardly i still am. I still beleive that no-one and nothing is really that important in life, that all pain will eventually go away. But something about her, perhaps it was they calm and factual way she relayed her pain, made me see if from her side.

Regardless of what i think, i geniunnely wish her the best. That the promised moment of 'getting over someone' comes to her swiftly and painlessly.

Today, i had lunch w some chick friends, and its kinda weird to see how all long term relationships kinda end up the same. The same problems arise, and the same urges and discontent surfaces inevitably. And eventually, my conclusion is this: that if its all the same, then maybe my relationship "isnt that bad", and that its worth sticking it out.

So, as an aside to my conclusion - perhaps i should practice the immorality that i preach? Perhaps i will just risk being found out and regretting that... isnt the "bad" thing always the easier option?

At least the immoral option is the one which will make me happier - temporarily.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

bad grads... bad grads...

Incestuous debauchery...

very very bad grads... i think we need the super nanny.