Sunday, July 03, 2005

Touchy Feel-y Stuff

My friday horoscope advised me this week to be less wary of the 'touchy-feely stuff', to get right into it and banish my cynical self for a moment.

In a bizarre way, it kinda came true. This w/end was full of 'relationship' talk. On Sat i went to see the Dutch Masters exhibition with an old friend who, as she put it herself, has just had her heart ripped open. For 3 months, she had lived with an overshadowed sadness - a sick feeling that she couldnt face the day. Of course, i was initially cynical, and perhaps inwardly i still am. I still beleive that no-one and nothing is really that important in life, that all pain will eventually go away. But something about her, perhaps it was they calm and factual way she relayed her pain, made me see if from her side.

Regardless of what i think, i geniunnely wish her the best. That the promised moment of 'getting over someone' comes to her swiftly and painlessly.

Today, i had lunch w some chick friends, and its kinda weird to see how all long term relationships kinda end up the same. The same problems arise, and the same urges and discontent surfaces inevitably. And eventually, my conclusion is this: that if its all the same, then maybe my relationship "isnt that bad", and that its worth sticking it out.

So, as an aside to my conclusion - perhaps i should practice the immorality that i preach? Perhaps i will just risk being found out and regretting that... isnt the "bad" thing always the easier option?

At least the immoral option is the one which will make me happier - temporarily.


At 11:04 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

You only get completely torn when you completely love. And it's for noone else to judge whether or not we should love, or whether it's dumb to love.

We are all human at the end of the day. Albeit rhetoric, to never be torn is to never be human. I really feel for this girlfriend of ours. She needs all your support right now. Send her my best.


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