Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Well, for tmr anyway. Tmr is the start of the financial year for my firm, which means that starting tmr, the work i do will be "important" and the hours i put in will be reflected on my performance appraisal. So, today, also known as, "the last day of life as i know it", should have been somewhat special?

I guess in its own little way it was. Had lunch at this really nice (though dodgy looking) thai place. And as i waited toget my friend some extra peices of lime, i saw this asian guy in a suit standing there waiting for his order. Even out of my peripheral vision i recognised who he was. To my surprise, he turned around, and i kinda smiled (just a small polite one), and in return, he shot off a rather cute smile. Or perhaps more accurately the "hey i know you, how's things going mate" type of smile.

I think we both realised afterwards that we didnt know each other. In fact, he was the guy on the train who i kinda thought was cute and used to "observe" in the morning on my way to uni. Back in those days, i recognised him as "the guy who is a bit of a loner at uni and would sit alone in most lectures wearing a funny sort of cap". I remember thinking that he had really good skin, and that he looked much nicer and less threatening in a suit and glasses. And i have to say, the smile he had today was quite a lovely and warm one.

So, thats it, highlight of the day. Sad i know. But maybe next time, i'll actually talk to him and ask him where he works. If there is a next time.


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