Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One of those moments

That's it - right there. One of those moments in life when its easier to breathe through your mouth... gasping for air, swallowing it down. One of those moments when your heart hardens through that feeling when a particular thought, a particular reality hits your brain. ANd then, the brain hardens in a similar fashion. And for a brief brief moment, the pain materialises and it becomes almost physical.

Its strange how easily avoided these moments are. Perhaps if i (we) were less stubborn, just for one moment, it would all turn out differently. Happy almost. Or at least, contentment. I also realise that i have the ability to make things turn out differently. But then i think: what for? The answer, i suspect, will simply be for more of the same. And if neither of us want to make a difference, perhaps then it is all for a better?

Tomorrow is another day.


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