Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I have nothing...

I have nothing really of note to blog about. Perhaps apart from the fact that i remembered (very vaguely) several occurences today which i thought mite make an interesting addition to the blog. Its almost like when u have a really good dream but then u cant seem to recall it when you wake up.

Or maybe my brain cells are dying from alcohol poisoning which results in premature alzheimers? Or perhaps my memory brain cells are just on strike. But to put a more positive spin on thing (just for the hell of it), maybe they have much better and more important things to remember than the random events which happen in my silly little life.

Addendum: Perhaps the 'better and more important' things to remember would be related to the Federal Budget released tonight? I havnt really looked at it, but according to The Age, as an 'average taxpayer" (earning bw $21,600 and $58,000) i can look forward to a tax cut of $6 per week. Thanks Pete!

Now to think of all those wonderful things i can do with my $6. Perhaps now i can afford to purchase a copy of the Big issue from that bloke on our corner so that he would stop harassing me? Or maybe i can get that double white mocha frappe-latte-cino with whipped cream? Or i could revive my magazine addiction and subscribe to STYD? All the possibilities! And best of all, maybe this can make up for my loss of not being able to open and ING account tonite and get that $123 bonus! I'm feeling better already.


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

Oh, I heard about that ING Direct $123 bonus thing! Sooooo damn disappointed! I was devising aaaalll sorts of cheeky schemes!



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