Tuesday, April 26, 2005

various things

As the title suggests, various occurences and thoughts of late:

1. Weekend away to Daylesford

Hardly relaxing enough. It appears that somebody mistook my requested 'relaxation massage from goodlooking masseur' for the S&M version, complete with ice-maiden who dug nails into one's back and rubs one's neck til it feels sore...

Despite small ups and downs, it wasnt too bad. Daylesford is definitely a very yuppie town (sits comfortably with yuppie-self) full of gay guys (who were lovely by the way)... much like sydney really....

2. Departures

Feel quite sad actually. Jen (our lovely, vibrant and at times deviant) PA is leaving in June...Well, she isnt going that far, only to audit as a grad... but its still really sad for me. I dont think we can get someone else who is as nice and as good.... i mean, there are lots of idiotic women out there. I guess everyone else who had left hadnt really been that close to me, but Jen was always friendly to poor little me and made me feel apart of the group.

what will life be without jen?

3. Broke

Self evident really: once again i'm broke

4. Amenesia

I must have read the Pelican Brief before... its highly unlikely that i would have bought the book and not read it. Yet, as i'm (re) reading it, i have no recollection of the story/plot at all. Nothing rings a bell... at all.

5. Boredom

Life must be pretty boring for these to be my most interesting thoughts. Perhaps i'm consciencely resisting to discuss my work or boring love life here.

One thing to note is that time does go incredibly quickly at work... which is rather scary. So much time, and so little acheived.

And love life... well, again its down in the dumps. Perhaps its time for an affair...? Maybe if someone with non-presumptious, non-self righteous friends who feel the right/need to barge into your life? Maybe that will be too hard.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just passing thru on ur blog.
just out of curiousity, what do u mean by "affair", do u have a boyfriend already?

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

Love the thought of you having an affair! Go girl!

Go for the no strings attached type of guy... Um, well yeh.. any guy in that case. They're all the same, no?



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