Friday, April 01, 2005

Have you ever?

Tasted a bottle of $700 vino??

Of course, it's not something that i can afford or care to spend my hard earned dosh on, but hey - if the opportunity comes up, why not? Who would have thought that my boss at work, a man who was (and possibly still is) a sparky by trade would one day be buying his free-loading pond-scum employees $700 bottles of wine at Supper Club. And a man who quite regularly does so, mite i add, for the normally lovely staff at the Supper Club were definitely extra lovely that night.

Now back to the wine. I'm not a wine buff. Truthfully, i mainly drink to 1. get pissed and 2. exude an image of class and social aptness, but this 1988 Hill and GRace Shiraz was truely beautiful. The taste was undoubtably smooth but the 'bouquet' (haha - use of a technical vino term!) was magnificent. Being a shiraz, it was richly fruity, like berries (yes - almost like ribena) followed by a deep earthy finish which can only be described as 'barnyard manure' (oddly enough, another vino term i learnt from the hunter valley last year!).

Perhaps one day this puddle jumper can have the pleasure of spending ridiculous amounts of money on wine? Most likely i'll spend it on shoes.


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