Friday, February 25, 2005

Meet my shoes!

I'm so bored. Really i am. And i am one who can spend a whole afternoon at the library, or 1.5 hours in target and can entertain myself at my local suburbia shopping center. And this is certainly no way to be spending the remaining of the days of my life (seeing i start work on Monday). Apart from this being a very very sad end to 'life-as-i-know-it', it is also causing immense injustice to my shoes. Just bc i have no social life, does not mean that my shoes should be punished by a life of sitting there oogling at me from the shoe rack! So here they are - meet my shoes:

Now as a preface, there is no way i can go through all my shoes in one post, so i'll start with my collection of flat points: my go anywhere everyday shoe. Since i grown out of wearing runners/sneakers/street shoes, the flat points has been a god send. Might i just say "pointy flats are the solution to anything".

My go anywear basic black points from Robert Robert. Leather everything and incredibly confortable and versatile. Posted by Hello

It was love at first site. The buttery leather and the luscious deep purple.... they were THE perfect points: perfectly shaped and flat. Too bad they were damaged after only 3 wears when i fell over in taiwan and nearly got ran over by a scooter. :( Posted by Hello

silk weave shoes - so nice and summery! the exact same shoe retailed at Witchery for $139.95, i got mine in HK for around $9! Posted by Hello

side detail. Posted by Hello

Who could resist a pair of silver mock-snakeskin moccasins? i have no idea what i'll wear them with, plus they are 2 sizes too big! Posted by Hello

My schizo shoes: them seem unable to decide whether they want to be round toed or pointy. Either way, i love their kitsch-y style. Posted by Hello

So pretty. i paid too much for these shoes. But i just had to have them. Posted by Hello

As u guessed, these are the newer additions to the family. And despite my Chinese heritage, my footware must be Greek, cos man is the family big!


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