Friday, February 18, 2005

Bitchy and Buggered

Just got home from lunch + shopping with besties. Feel like shit. Perhaps its the muggy Melbourne day, but I felt that i had been bitchy and impatient and generally not very nice. Alternatively i'm just sleep deprived and tired... which causes the "bitchy-and-buggered-ness". So, i guess this is an acknowledgement of my "blah" and an apology of sort to those subject to its ramifications.

Following from my "bitchy-and-buggered" mood, care to join me for a noice little bitch abt Delta Goodrem? Well i have to confess, for a brief (i repeat - brief) moment after the cancer, i actually didnt mind her that much. But since her fling with Mark Philippoussis, she has become intolerable. The whole affair with its whirlwind of B grade international celebs being flashed across tabloids all over the country has been just a bit too much for me.

And so, u mite say, it's old news right? It sure is... old and stale news, but somehow resussitated with a statement i read in MX (the local free commuter's tabloid) on the way home. To set the scene, Delta told the reporter of her plans to keep her current romance with ex-boy-band-member and current-robbie-williams-wannabe, Brian McFadden 'hush hush':

"I had my heart-broken very publically last time, so from now on, i will keep things completely to myself"

Just a tip Ms Goodrem, telling this to a tabloid report isnt really a good start to the plan. Neither is selling your 'exclusive story' to New Idea. After all, action speaks louder than words.


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