Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why are idiots allowed to drive?

That's right folks - this is a 'road rage' post!

Driving home from the gym (how absolutely angelic of me) and the car in front of me (champayne coloured astra) decided to drive at 50km/hr in a 60km/hr zone and also felt that it was appropriate to occasionally cross into the left lane. I sensed that the middle-aged lady passanger was daring him or something, perhaps its the latest craze amongst 40-50 year olds? So, as i tried to overtake him, he of course speeds up ever so slightly and edges across to my lane. Perhaps i should have just let him seeing my car is in dire need of a respray.... hmm...

So, unable to takeover, i followed his car in the right lane... and just as i was about to end the my frustrations and turn right, the said idiot suddenly slows down again and i miss the green light, leaving me swearing profusely.


Perhaps its not such a big deal. I think i mite be just in a shit mood from the heat and most importanly having to deal with my mum's "friend" from interstate who stayed at our place for the past week. Man, that lady has issues. *grrr*

ok.... calm.... calm.... Maybe i should go and use one of those whitening face masks i got from HK. Maybe they should invent a calming-anti-road rage masks with added annoying-asian-lady-dealing-with minerals.


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