Saturday, January 22, 2005

'scuse the babblering for i'm (still) on a shopping high.

cant sleep tonight... must be still on a high from the shopping.

Had a most wonderful time shopping with girlfriends today. Its rather frightful actually... especially when one bestie pointed out during dinner that we had spent $1000AUD between the three of us that day. I sensed that she was feeling guilt and remorse and that the vision of her credit card bill was begining to materialise in her mind. Perhaps she was trying to incite that similar type of guilt from within us... she needed someone else who understood and shared in her pain. Though i think she was disapointed with the audience she had chosen. I mean, the chick sitting across from her was carrying a MC speedy 25... and me... well, i'm just waaaaay beyond that guilt thing (i mean does that woman realise how much $ i blow on jeans?). I have learnt, through my experience to prolong that shopping high and to come up with increasingly convincing explanations for why i need that new top/jeans/bag/shoe/frivolous item... i mean, even amongst my purchases, i still had not broken my pack to not buy cheapo-asian-country-funky/cutsey/ dangerfield/qbf/chainstore product unless its as cheap as in HK. So, all my purchases were overpriced-australian designed-china made items which are complete rip offs but is a clear demonstration of my new found vanity. But then again, i was not the one who spent to the majority of that $1000AUD...

i guess the only problematic thing which creates something which resembles an inkling of guilt in me is the fact that normal people who have just returned from a shopping trip in HK dont really buy anything. Perhaps i am mad? But damn that madness feels good...


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

I feel obliged to defend myself, since I am honourably mentioned. But can't think of much to say - cept that come Speedy's wedding, the Collette's gonna turn heads ;-)

Would match those gorgeous orange heels nicely, huh...? The Devil does his job well.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger JumpingPuddles said...

saw a great pair of tangerine/apricot bejewelled strapper heels from Sportsgirl today - on sale too only $59.95.. though i doubt they would have ur size *evil-smug-look-on-face*

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

What the hell are you still doing shopping mate?! I swear you have some strange disease or somethin..

Meanwhile, found out today (yes, i'm guilty too) that those oraaaange shoes, u know, the loves of my life, are $580something, with no prospect of sale.

Perfect size, and they fit like u'd never believe. So amaaaaazing.


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