Friday, December 03, 2004

Update from HK part 1

I was actually meaning to post again b4 ileave, cos i had wanted break frommy blog on a 'high note'. But to my delight there is free-internet-access gallor in HK!

well, my current access (at Pacific Coffee House) is not really 'free' - as in, its a free-for-something (ie my first decent coffee in 5 days). However, in Tsim Sha Tsui and CentralMTR stations they have freee-for-nothing internet! yay!

Hongkong is pretty much as i had remembered, incredibly hectic and its definitely tiring to be a full-time honkie(even just as temp/rookie). Miss melbourne incredibly - that feeling of knowing where u are going, and where to go, a feeling of belonging, and knowing that u have all those little 'home things'. And of course, i miss my firneds dearly. Even though in reality its just the same few ppl doing the same things over and over, it is such a huge part of my life thatis missing. I have to urge to go and talk to strangers ... but i guess that's just not me.

The other strange thing is living with my grandparents. They do a lot of 'old ppl stuff' and u really see a differentkinda of life. even though my grans are healthy and active, its still rather depressing. The other thing is,they kinda see me as a 12 year old or soemthing, and i sense i'm not supposed to go out late- which is a huge problem. i should try to change that.

i think i should stop hogging the computer.


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