Thursday, November 11, 2004

ultimate procrastination

Even i cant beleive what i had just done! in my ultimate boredom and a world-record stretch of my procrastination skills, i started look up the meaning of names from those baby name sites. Now trust me, i am not one of those people who go all 'goo goo ga ga' at babies... in fact, if the goo goo ga ga thing became a religion, i'll be pretty much the anti christ.

Anyway, basically in my search, i suddenly had this thought: i wanted to name my daughter (if i ever am under such a misfortune) Kaylin. It doesnt really seem to be a name as such (well, not according to babynames.com) and i havnt decided on the spelling, but i thought it sounded nice, and it could be shortened to "Kay" which is kinda cool.

anyway, should get back to work.


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

How the hell do i respond to this blog, except for... "WHAT THE FIRETRUCK?!"


It's all very well and good if I go doin' stuff like that, but mate, u *do* realise that YOU doin' stuff like that is waaay gonna raise eyebrows. That's if they havent' had aneurisms yet.


Even *i* haven't done that yet! (Honest to God)

Very scary.

=) Having said that, i've always thought Kaylin was a nice name, but for a boy, and spelt KAYLAN.

Over & out.

PS. Better than the rhyming Liam and Miriam. Kaylin and Miriam sound fine. I'm already offering to babysit ;-)


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