Friday, November 05, 2004

I "heart" Blog!

Quite happy with this 'new' blog. So... hmm.. welcome to my public BLog... please make yourself at home :)

i guess the reason i started this was to procrastinate (see first blog ever) - i've just sucessfully wasted 3 hours of my time doing this, and i am no where closer to passing my stupid copyright exam. I guess the other reason was, this whole 'multimedia/techy/internet thing' is getting me motivated to keep a diary again. i used to write pretty religiously in that thing. but then i have lost interest - plus it hurts when i write now (the condition of typing all the time!). i like the idea of writing down my thoughts, keeping a record of how i feel during different times of my life. True - most of those records involve relationships and sadness (Q: are the 'sad' moments what is worth remembering? or do we simply trust ourselves to remember our happiness even without tangible evidence?), but perhaps those things is what makes up our lives?

the other thing i guess, is that i became fascinated with the idea of sharing thoughts with billions of strangers. Largely though, this is written for me (sorry to those of you who accidently stumbled upon this piece of shit - i do not promise a very invigourating read), just like my own diary. It will not make sense, i will not explain everything. But somehow the idea of just putting it out there, just for the odd chance that someone will read it - there is something liberating about that.

hmm... i guess this post just contradicted what i had said. well... i suppoes this is the only (?) post which is directed at 'you'. the rest of this blog is for me.


At 5:43 PM, Blogger lightning said...

First post!

I'm looking forward to what ticks in that mind of yours...and perhaps you'll be kind enough to enlighten the public on you fascination with jumping over heaven-sent pools of water...


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