Monday, November 15, 2004

Bring Back the Drop Waist!

This is my conspiracy theory of the day: it appears that the designers have gotten together and decided to play a prank of all of us. And we, the innocent women of the world, have fallen (fashion) victim to their devious ploy.

After months of 'drop-waist' designs, they have decided now to bring back the waist. They have just waited til we had gotten complacent and used to the idea of clothes which skim and hide our tummies... waited til we thought that the extra packet of doritos wouldnt hurt... waited til we decided it was no longer necessary to do those 200 crunches every night... and then BANG... they ambush us with "the waist".

Now, dont get me wrong, i love that whole elegant, lady-like 50s look designed to essentuate the hour glass nature of the female form: it looks great... if your name is Kylie Minogue. For the rest of us mere mortals, the thought of being belted, ribboned and sashed is a pure nightmare.

Third Millenium Posted by Hello

More evidence... (love this outfit tho'...the devil always carries such sweets) Posted by Hello

Alannah Hill ~ from the enemy camp Posted by Hello

worse still, these designs are no longer confined to the pages in glossy magazines where they do no harm of models... but with the dawn of spring and summer they have leapt out into the real world, penetrating into the locality of our shopping centres...

thank god i'm leaving for hong kong....


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