Saturday, November 13, 2004


i guess i should explain the puddle jumping thing...

some time during my glorious HighSchool Years (i'm guessing probably in 1998/9 VCE years ~ stress does make ppl go a little crazy), i founded the National Puddle Jumping Association (NPJA). In short, its a club for puddle jumpers all over the country to embrace in the nobility of puddle jumping.

Puddle Jumping is not a sport. Its non-competive, and there are no rules. You just kinda... 'go with the flow'. There isnt even a set guideline as to what constitutes puddle jumping ~ members can choose to jump into the puddle (the splashers) or over the puddles (the leapers) or be a combination of both depending on one's mood. One thing is for certain is the spirit behind puddle jumping.

Our motto is "with grace and integrity" and it is something we stand by. To jump puddles is to acheive the mental state of integrity - being true to one's feelings and thoughts - and from that begets true grace. It is perhaps hard to understand - one has to 'experience'.

For those who are interest, please contact me for more information.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger styrofoamboots said...

So awesome.


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