Saturday, November 27, 2004

and its clear again...

As i anticipated, it seems that my life is back in order now... things are 'clear' again... at least for the meantime.

Or maybe i just have better/happier things to pre-occupy myself with - being my trip! I am leaving tomorrow nite!

A minor issue is about this box of mangos which i have. I've actually never bought mangos to my tropical-fruits-deprived relos in HK before... so i dont really have the requisite 'experience'. Suggestions so far have been:

1. Check it in
  • pros: dont have to carry it on the plane and look like a dickhead; can use lotsa 'fragile' stickers
  • cons: mangos will get bumped around, esp since i have to transit; bringing bruised mangos to relos is not good.

2. Carry it on the plane

  • pros: can protect the fruit
  • cons: look like a dickhead; unsure how to pack them - should i carry a box on or wrap up mangos individually and put them in a bag?

ANY suggestions would be MOST welcome.


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

Most people I know carry them on the plane and look like dickheads but then again they look like dickheads even without mangos so it doesn't make a difference for them. Sorry, that wasn't very helpful.
I think you could put it in a box then put it in one of those little trolley suitcases that the flight attendants always use as carryon luggage.

At 2:48 AM, Blogger lightning said...

You're gone already? Shit. Should've caught up before you left, but I guess your schedule probably would've been jam packed. Have a blast dudette...happy new year, catch you round in 05.


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