Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Update From Hong Kong Part 3

Ok - this is getting misleading... i'm actually 'updating' from Taipei during my final nite of my stay in the Delight Hotel using their free internet access :) Despite its dodgy name (and lobby), the hotel is actually quite nice and affordable (Thanks to my uncle Francis for the rec). Its quite close to the MRT (train) station, the rooms are very modern (exactly like the pics on teh website) and they have these cool showers with 'spa' thingies.

The last two days in Taipei has been great. THe FOOD here is amazing! everything is so cheap and yummy - i have literally been eating 5+ meals per day - or rather one big continuous meal. For example today i had:
  • hotel buffet brekky: western style bacon + eggs, congee, soy milk with fried donut and pork floss and really really yummy dried tofu and pickled vegies
  • shabby place in XiMenTing: taro cake, soup with squid and satay (very strange), egg omlette with small oysters, taiwanese mince meat on rice
  • cutsey crepe place next door to shabby place: crepe with banana and chocolate
  • bubble tea place in little laneway in GuoLin: grapefruit honey green tea (really yum)
  • street store: cabbage and pork steam/fried bun
  • TingTaiFeng: shanghainese xiaolungbao with crab. taiwanese beef noodle soup
  • Street shop in 'University area': smelly tofu (my favourite), pork intestine noodle
  • Hotpot restaurant: all u can eat 'mala' hot pot.

i feel like i have eaten enough to feed the population of a small island... having said that i plan to have a 'YongHeDouJiang' tmr monring for brekky b4 i leave... hehe..

I must say, my friend C (despite being a stupid prick that he is) has been a very good 'tour guide' and has shown me great places in taipei which made this short trip what it is. So - Thanks matey!

should probably go back to sleep now... nite all


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

Hope u got heaps of photos for my viewing pleasure =)

At 1:00 AM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

You're going to say I'm on his side yet again (I am so not), but really...: "I must say, my friend C (despite being a stupid prick that he is)"



I mean, I *KNOW* he is, but do you *have* to post it online? He so totally deserves an apology =) *wink*

PS. Msg to C if you're reading this: *wink wink wink* =)

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

Hi bubbalicious,

Nothing to do with your blog - but my link is old. Update it yeh? It's now http://www.sevenchild.blogspot.com


At 12:57 PM, Blogger nymphe said...

happy new year! Hope u r still having a good time in hongkong. I just changed my blog to nymphe-lotus.blogspot.com, drop me a msg anytime. :)

Catch up with u when u get back, take care.


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