Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Recieved an amusing email from a friend who is currently overseas yesterday. I have to admit, we are by no means the best-est buds, but i love the way, that somehow in her delusion, she has this image of me as a health junkie. You know, that i work out at the gym, drinks 8 glases of water a day and snacks of blanched cabbage type of thing...

True, i do have gym membership, but my cheapo concession membership which only entitles me to 'off-peak' usage provides the perfect exercise to just stay home and watch oprah. Though yesterday i did watch some strenous exercise at the Australian Open. Perhaps the vigour we placed into getting a shot of Andy Roddick's bum and the chanting under our breathes for him to 'take off his shirt' deserves some recognition as a sport? Clearly, our aims in going to the tennis was not the tennis.

Aside from arse-checking-out, the tennis provided the perfect opportunity to get a tan, amuse ourselves with the 15 year olds who think that going to the tennis is akin to going to the beach, and drink beer all afternoon without judgement. Despite our fun and games, we certainly did make an effort at a healthy balanced diet: there was the gourmet breads we bought, the low fat rice cracker snacks, packaged popcorn.... and hot chips and dim sims... needless to say which of the food groups proved to be the more popular alternative. Heck, we even had fruit (in the form of fruit flavoured mentos).

Perhaps i should actually go to the gym today....

ETA: the friend who wrote me that amusing email is an awesome writer... i would love the opportunity to read her blog one day...


At 2:08 PM, Blogger Sevenchild said...

You went bumwatching and didn't invite me? That's most incredibly rude!


I forgive you.


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