Thursday, February 03, 2005


I've always been adverse to going to movies. Movies require so much committment: the $11.50 (soon to be $13.80 once my concession card expires), the two and a half to three hours of my time locked in a dark room with strangers and most importantly, the risk of the movie being a complete dud, and having to endure it because of the high cost already afforded. So for me to have seen TWO movies in the space of three days, well, it's a rarity. But then again, it snowed on Mt Hotham last nite, and its the middle of summer!

Today, the movie was Closer. And i couldnt possibly not talk about it and give up the opportunity brag about the fact that i watched an 'adult drama' and to blantantly post photos of the beautiful Jude Law: (and btw: my most sincerely apologies to my 'very good writer' friend who is incredibly fond of Jude Law. I take back all the snide remarks and sniggering looks i may or may not have given whenever you coo about the gorgeousness of this man. You are right - he is a deliciously sexy human being)

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The movie itself, well, it was kinda distressing and kinda sad. But i couldnt really say why. And for such a quiet film (no action, no comedy, no romantic sappy bull-shit), it was highly engaging. Nothing major really happens to any of the characters, but really want to find out what happens next and how they will react to it. It's a story largly on adult love... and conflicting human emotions. There are no bad guys or good guys, just four people who are at times selfish, at times forgiving, who fall in love, and out of it - but its never really clear what they are thinking. In a word, its a film about honesty: both in the sense that the film protrays a (seemingly) honest account of human nature, and that the characters seek the truth from each other about their intense feelings.

It makes me wonder, how much courage do you need to have to ask for the truth, and how much more do you need to tell it? And when you receive the truth, how much love do you need to forgive? Or if you do love them, can you ever forgive? If you love the person, would you force them through the pain of telling the truth? Wouldnt you both be happier with a little white lie? And does love necessitate happiness?

Watching the film, i felt that the characters were selfish and that i couldnt ever possibly hurt the person i love in that way. But then again, it's a fine line that is easily crossed.


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Jude Law..........
'scuse me, have to just.....
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oops, just drooled on the keyboard.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger nymphe said...

thx for the link, babe.

I really liked Closer too. Didn't like Jude Law so much though, maybe because of his character. He could look better. :)

I wouldn't consider cheating on someone then lying to her a little white lie, telling me 'no, your ass doesn't look fat in that dress' and 'I didn't have a sexual r'ship with that woman' are totally different. Besides, the looming thought of 'would he do it again?', the fear and the hurt would just eat me away. my 2c.


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