Wednesday, February 23, 2005

'lil explaining to do

Some of you may have noticed that i had recently changed my profile. This new, and dare i say it, improved profile perhaps requires a 'lil explaining. So come, take my hand, and let me walk you through it:

Firstly, my "number one". Rather self-explanatory methinks, i mean, who wouldnt want to be the high-school clown or the witty-cynic who is loved by all?! As a comedian, you can withstand really really bad haircuts and fashion (think Seinfield bad) and still be immortalised as a cultural icon. And so, during my highschool years I entertained the possibility of being my very own Rob Stich. So, now that I have my law degree (woohoo!), all i need now is have my very own Panel show and a kick-arse name for an entertainment company.

BTw, just to prove that i'm serious about this ambition, and why it deserves to be number one, i had even put this as my ambition in my highschool year book. Go figure.

Regarding the rest of my top ambitions (bar the 'unemployed wife of zillionaire' one - which again is self-explanatory), they can be traced to my utter obsession with reality tv/home-makerover/wardrobe makeover/cooking shows on TV. What's not to love? the possibility of a bunch of strangers wielding bright lights and powerful lenses intruding your home, humiliating you in front of national TV, and then 'making it all better'.

And with the 'tax accountant' thing. To be honest, once upon a time, it actually made its way quite high into the list. When i was... i dunno, so age of naivity - say 9 years old, my dad's accountant came to visit our house. He had with his this really "cool" calculator that was able to general its own paper receipts. And that was what spurn my brief fling with the idea of becoming an accountant. Perhaps this is the classic case of childhood memories scarring one for life?


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