Friday, March 18, 2005

Never again...

i hereby solemly promise myself NEVER to stay out til 3am on a weekday (even if it is a Thursday nite). I must remember that Friday, albeit a more 'relaxed' workday, is still a work day. I must not be lured by the free beers and the 'group consensus' that if your partners are still there partying, so can you. I must also note that although a sleep in has been granted by the above group consensus: waking up at 8.30am is still NOT enough.

Most importantly, i must not think that just because i have survived it once, i will survive it again. Because i am sure, that there is some damage that even the more expensive SK-II cannot repair.


At 12:30 AM, Blogger Luke Phillips said...

it's a natural part of getting in the work rut - trying helplessly to regain moments of youthful abandon - like the big night out - or in my case staying up late to watch formula 1. I hope you never give up completely the urge to defy all things responsible!


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