Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I just got home from work...

Yep, i did... and its past 10.30pm. My mouth is incredibly dehydrated from the MSG ladened dinner, and my stomach is slightly funny due to the excessively spicy noodles i had consumed. This is the first night (no doubt of many) that i stayed back to work late. And to be honest, i actually quite enjoyed it.

Now i can truely call myself 'a part' of my group: a group notoriously known for our late nites (and late mornings), our beer & chips (and our morning coffee break), our loud chattering in the midst of day, but a group which also... well... works damn hard. Though today my role in our project was rather minimal and incredibly mundane, i still felt proud that i was there to do it. That it needed to be done and that we can charge the client a shit load for it. Plus its always nice to have a free meal on the client - even if it is greasy chinese!

So here i am, my working life.


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous sevenchild said...

While u're in the office late, remember that we love you heaps! Keep at it babe, work hard, work hard!



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