Saturday, March 05, 2005

Exercising my analytical skills.

Well, since my official role as a 'tax analyst' has begun (*gulp*), i'd thought it's time to engage in a little analytical exercise to brush up on my... hmm... skills in the area. Of course the most direct and logical way to improve my skills and to enhance my working career would be to open up the Tax Act, and choose a subject to analyse from there. Instead i will examine the photo in my profile/avatar.

I had actually come to realise that the little image actually saids a lot more about me than i had thought. To put this into context, the photo was taken randomly last September whilst we were having our group conference (read: junket) in the HUnter Valley. My colleage was playing with my digital camera as, being a mother of a child aged 3, she had no time or money to invest in such things.

Now for the analysing: Not only does the photo feature a pair of jeans and shoes (things which are in undeniable abundance in my wardrobe, and in my life), it also features me holding a shopping bag. The image screams "i am a shoe and denim loving shoppaholic". And for the more delicate observers, they will note that whilst the shoes are a sport-y sneaker type Diesel pair, they actually serve no practical function if i actually had to - god forbid - run, due to the thin velcro straps. This is indicative of my utter un-sporty-ness, though subtley hinting my constant desire to improve my sporting finese.

And finally, to top it off, unbeknown to most, the shopping bag actualy contains a bottle of wine.

'nuff said.


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