Thursday, March 24, 2005

inducted and induced

The first step of my firm's 3 year career progression program - the graduate induction, held at Melbourne's Crown Casino is officially over. I am now "inducted" into our firm. In theory the past 2 days should have completely brainwashed me into a 'green dot' loving maniac who thinks that there should be 7 lights in the traffic signals (lame i know....). The reality is, i'm as (if not more) cynical than ever!

Hearing inspirational stories from the old fart national leader partners, the work-life balance stratagies of a 30 something pregnant partner, and a (incredibly spunky looking) young bloke who made partner at 25 really just made me more aware that.... well its just not going to happen. Or at least, it doesnt happen for everyone as easily. Dont get me wrong, i dont beleive i have no chance at all - i'm just more realistic, and i dont like to be presented with things through rose-coloured sunnies. Everytime i hear a story of sucess, i think of the unspoken sacrafice which inevitably must come with it. I really have to wonder how many of the grads were 'induced' into beleiving that shit!

But its not all bad... knowing that these people do exist in our firm is good (especially when they are 25 and incredibly handsome!!). And without doubt, the best part was definitely the free booze and the consequential 'bonding' with my fellow grads. I must say, i'm incredibly fortunate to be in such good company - and to put it simply, these grads are top ppl and is awesome fun to hang out (and get drunk) with. And the best part?? i made (sorta) friends with one guy i had a major crush on during uni - he, however turned out to be a complete nerdy freak - but is also wonderfully nice and very talented.

Despite the fun i have had, i feel like complete shit right now. So tired.... must sleep...


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Luke Phillips said...

send me an email at minipower62@hotmail.com and i'll give you some photos. had an agent through today who thinks $180 after the bathroom is redone. so if you're keen let me know.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Lyndon said...

Sounds like, this one time, at an Amway pep talk...



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