Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Game

Just came back from my first footy match. And may i just say that i absolutely loved it. My cousin (who took me), an avid geelong fan, was most pleased with their thrashing over Essendon.

I never really "got" footy before. But perhaps my mind is changed from now. The speed of the game, the skill in each pass and kick, the grace in the coordination and movement of players, the fierce passion, the physical battles, and of course the buff men in tight shorts all add to the excitement and addictiveness of the game. Another observation is the type of people who go to the footy. There were actually a whole lot more young ppl then i had thought. Young guys and girls dressed up for a casual night out, beers and cheap wine free flowing - perhaps not a bad place to pick up? Plus, as a chick, watching 2 hours of men running after a ball, getting into fierce and physical arguments... and oh, their very very toned arms... is really not such a bad sat night.

And it does help that we had really kick-arse seats (thanks V) and that i got a really good view of Hirdy's flowing golden locks........ hmm....(?)


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Lyndon said...

Hot and sweaty hey ;-)


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