Sunday, April 03, 2005

Another week...

It kinda sucks that i now only have time to blog once a week. I guess the highlight would have to be friday night - though nothing much really happened. It was more getting drunk with people from work - there seems to be a pattern emerging.

On a 'happy' note, i met another one of my 'target' cute guys from work, and also, as a surprise throw-in, i met this other bloke from uni (who's actually still at uni) who i used to perve on on the train. So to avoid sounding like a total pervert (i word i often use after binge watching british romantic-comedies), i really must finish my blog on another note. Perhaps some useless info would surfice?

I read in Marie Claire today that the average beer contains around 600 kilojoules (for those who dont know, that's the stuff that makes you fat). So one beer is equivalent to a streets paddle pop, two is equal to having a mars bar, three is around the same as a bucket of hot chips, and four would be a whole two course dinner. And on the most recent friday nite, i had 4 beers follow promptly by KFC.

KFC, by the way, would be equivalent to about 60 billion beers. Yes, it is that good.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Lyndon said...

4 beers at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow counts more than your girly bars though... :-)


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