Sunday, May 15, 2005

Me VS the world of people who can cook

This weekend i went to a couple of rather 'adult' parties and the hosts of each made a spectacular array of tasty food. On the menu were homemade pizzas, a variety of gourmet salads, little bite-size cheesy thing with semi dried tomatoes, smoked salmon and cream-cheese wrapped in sliced cucumber etc. etc....

I talked to a couple of managers at work (they were both young married professional women... not really the daggy stereotypical 'manager' types) and they were discussing baking of cakes, and the cooking of legs of lamb and the use of a rice cooker versus cooking rice on a stove top. It made me think that i'm so illiterate in the language of cooking. Whilst i watch a ton of cooking shows, i've never really put any of it into practice.

Am i the only person on the face of the earth who cant cook?


At 5:41 PM, Blogger nymphe said...

Don't worry, babe. If I were ever the 2nd most hopeless person who can't cook, I don't think anyone would dare to be NO 1.
So its not all that bad, u can always start small, like scramble egg. I cant even get that right all the time. :P

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Lyndon said...

Hehe, I'm missing the turn raw foodstuffs into edibles genetics.

I'm building a catalog of things I can make that are passably tasty.

Pesto, simple and sooo yummy.
Home made pizza.
Lebbo Salad ( Chick peas, cummin, lemon juice etc )

Learn one thing, do it until you can reproduce it consistently and then move on.

At 8:40 PM, Blogger JumpingPuddles said...

Lyndon: your 'catalog' is actually quite impressive. Well, at least it far surpasses my friend Nymphe's scrambled eggs (hehe).

I mean, that 'lebbo salad' is definitely borderline gourmet.

the only think i can "make" is what i call "fake pizza". It basically involved getting purchases pita bread, squishing some ketchup on it, ripping up bits of kraft singles (to help it melt) and put the whole thing under the grill. The trick is to remove it before it gets too carcinogenic.


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