Saturday, May 21, 2005


Perhaps "depression" (and i use the term loosely) is a self fulfilling prophecy. This week, at least three people have come up to me wearing looks of concern saying thing like "whats wrong?" or "are you ok? you look sad" or "you dont seem your usual self" (whatever that may be). And at the end of this week, i do feel noticeably more depressed. Maybes its just caused by the stress of why all these people are thinking this way about me?

I'm again going thru that "no body loves me" phase... where i'm not 'popular, or important of center-of-attention' enough for my liking. But is anyone ever? I feel like i've been a bitch... a bit too much of a bitch, but probably still not enough. i dont like the clothes i have in my wardrobe... and of course, the issue of the dreaded "F-word". And to add to that, i'm sick of the way my relationship is.... and more importantly, i'm sick of ppl asking about it - i mean, its pretty clear that i'm trying to avoid the issue isnt it?

ANyhow.. maybe i'm just hungover and sleep deprived and PMS-ing (oh the dreaded TLA*)... maybe i'll go and do something wholesome and useful tmr to make up for it.

* Three Letter Acronym


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