Saturday, May 28, 2005

A few good deeds

Despite my ever increasing suspicion that as i approach my 'quarter-life', that said life is becoming more and more degenerate, this week, i participated in several activities that, if i dare say so myself, were quite meaningful.

The first of which happened on Wednesday, when i was involved in a Red Cross Blood drive organised through my work. This was the first time I had given blood, which inexplicably means that the whole experience was accompanied by a huge dose of anxiety. I'm not going to say that the actual "blood giving" part was painless - there was definitely some discomfort, which, i suspect, was predominately caused by my nerves which made my quite tense and by the fact that you cant really move ur arm for the 10mins or so. But whatever discomfort ended promptly after, and on reflection, the benefits definitely far outweighs it. The benefits (IMO) include:

- really really comfy lounge chairs;
- lotsa trashy mags to read;
- finding out your blood type;
- feeling that funny bag of blood and how nice and warm it is;
- getting a couple of hours off work - ligitimately;
- the yummy milkshake and snacks after;
- the excuse to pig out at lunchtime; and
- that really good feeling as the nurse removes the needle/tube from your arm, that you have done a good deed, and that your miniscule effort can help up to three people and make a difference.

My second bout of charity was an attendance of an fundraiser concert on Thrus nite for Urban Seed, a charitable group dedicated to helping the homeless and marginalised people in Melb's CBD. The concert showcased the Bearbrass ENsemble (which my friend from work A plays 2nd violin in), and also a young bloke by the name of Hugo Britt, who, it would seem, is a bit of gun at playing the flute.

Those of you who know me, would no doubt be aware that classical music (or more specifically in this case, pieces from the Baroque era), is not really my forte. But it was nice to experience something different, and to be able to enjoy the music, even without knowing the background, or what it was about. To just kinda sit there, and concentrate on nothing else but the sounds produced by a group of people and their instruments, and think of whatever comes into your mind about the music.

My final good deed was my donation of $2 to our monthly Mufti day at work: i mean, good things come in threes right?


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