Thursday, February 01, 2007

my 'health kick'

Amazing - already one month!!

anyway, to put a stamp of something-ness onto this new year, i've decided to go on a health kick (this is already the 3rd week!). well, i keep telling ppl that its a 'health kick' but really its a diet to lose 5 kgs. i feel like its working... at least yesterday i was able to wear this office outfit that i havnt worn for at least 6 months cos i was 'too -fat'. must admit that at times its hard and i feel so so hungry.. and the doing of exercise is of course v difficult (tho i'm trying to get the hang of it).

on another note of 'something-ness' pls check out www.melbourne-runway.blogspot.com

finally a melbourne street styleblog! Love it