Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Update from HK part 2

Sometimes when u have too much to say, u end up not knowing where to start and hence u seem to have nothing to talk about. Old friends... old blogs.

Came back from Shanghai last week. I guess the 2 things about shanghai is that it is very cold, and the traffic is horrendous. All in all, shanghai s very metropolitan... a true BIG city but with added "Chinese" extras- such as toddlers 'beggars' who literallty grab on to you, and people who spit (including very well dressed young ladies). I think the most memorable part was when we went to this pub in the 'trendy' xin tian di district (like the Shanghainese version on soho or lan kwai fong), there were really real;ly old men dancing and acting drunk. it was insanely funny.

Another intetresting aspect of the trip is going on a HK tour. i've never been on one b4, and whilst the idea of being involved repulses the aquarian in me, its amzing to share ur travel experiences with complete strangers. How u can pick up stuff abt other tour mates during the trip, and see ppl who u ordinary wouldnt associate with... and yet, not know their names. Havng said that, i dont think i will go on a tour again.

my days in Hk are soon over... i must buy some more stuff b4 i kleave for taiwan.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Update from HK part 1

I was actually meaning to post again b4 ileave, cos i had wanted break frommy blog on a 'high note'. But to my delight there is free-internet-access gallor in HK!

well, my current access (at Pacific Coffee House) is not really 'free' - as in, its a free-for-something (ie my first decent coffee in 5 days). However, in Tsim Sha Tsui and CentralMTR stations they have freee-for-nothing internet! yay!

Hongkong is pretty much as i had remembered, incredibly hectic and its definitely tiring to be a full-time honkie(even just as temp/rookie). Miss melbourne incredibly - that feeling of knowing where u are going, and where to go, a feeling of belonging, and knowing that u have all those little 'home things'. And of course, i miss my firneds dearly. Even though in reality its just the same few ppl doing the same things over and over, it is such a huge part of my life thatis missing. I have to urge to go and talk to strangers ... but i guess that's just not me.

The other strange thing is living with my grandparents. They do a lot of 'old ppl stuff' and u really see a differentkinda of life. even though my grans are healthy and active, its still rather depressing. The other thing is,they kinda see me as a 12 year old or soemthing, and i sense i'm not supposed to go out late- which is a huge problem. i should try to change that.

i think i should stop hogging the computer.