Wednesday, October 26, 2005

death of email blogger

My fleeting success with email blogger had come to an abrupt end. in fact, in the whole of my blogging 'life', it had only worked once. ONCE.

in any event, it was good while it lasted.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sickies Rock!

It is a bit belated, seeing my first ever sickie was on tuesday, but please let me take this moment to get away from my masters assignment and revel in the glory of my sickie.

where do i start. firstly, i was actually a bit sick. still have the sniffles. But its amazing how much better you are when u are away from work. of course, the gloriously sunny 23 degree day was great to cure any sickness. It was just perfect, lunch with mum, brow shape at beauty parlour, purchased new phone. Plus, with my new phone i got a free bluetooth headset and... wait for it.... an ipod shuffle. Yes... just like the one on my "lemmings" list for about 2 months. yay!

unfortunately, i cant use it yet. my poor little laptop, which runs on windows 98 (or is it ME??) is not good enough for the ipod software. so, to enjoy my shuffle, i must up grade to 2000 (sp 4) or XP. i dunno what i'm going to do... i dont want to lose all the photos on my puter, plase i dont have a copy of the driver for my printer/dvd drive etc.... grrr...

anyway, sickies still rock. much better than doing assignments on the weekend at work!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Is something still a secret if you know that the person you are keeping the secret from actually knows about it. Is the fact that the other party knows that its meant to be a secret and accordingly does not confront you with you, make it a secret. simply because you dont talk about it - does that make it a secret?

Or does all this dwindling around the point simply stupid - that if u both know, then surely, it is no longer a secret?

Or perhaps things are secrets, because, its just more fun that way.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

It Works!

It works I think! I have mastered 'email blogger'


Now I can put down all my depressing work moments into my blog.

Isnt it perfect?


Have a splitting headache right now.

such pain.

things havnt been going 'smoothly' of late. i've spent this whole weekend looking for a dress to wear to the races to no avail. yesterday arvo was horrid - me vs the ikea furniture. Just when i thought i was seeing the light, i was confronted with the long plastic screws which were meant to fit into a piece of wood. i thought to myself "you cant be serious"... then i just gave up. Plus i still dont have internet (btw - thanks J and lyndon for the tips)... i just cant afford anything that is good and i simply cant go back to dial up.

So, that's a synosis of my newfound 'single' life. For those friends who i havnt told - i'm sorry, i simply havnt gotten around to it. and i feel fine. all of the above mishaps happen even when one is in a relationship.

i dont really have anything insightful to say today. but i just wanted to make use of this internet access to put something down. it sucks how when i actually do want to blog i cant.

perhaps as my friend says i should just stop whinging about how my car is a piece of crap and get it serviced. same with this internet conneciton thing. hmm... a pattern is emerging.

dont have anything to say. so i'll stop.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Apologies for the woeful delay between blogs.

after moving house, i have yet to organise a new home internet package that i'm happy with. any suggestions much much appreciated.

just s super quick update b4 i get my arse busted for blogging at work. things are generally good - at least nothing pops immediately into my mind that i'm itching to whinge about.

must get that email blogging thing to work. i've tried and failed time and time again...