Sunday, October 16, 2005


Have a splitting headache right now.

such pain.

things havnt been going 'smoothly' of late. i've spent this whole weekend looking for a dress to wear to the races to no avail. yesterday arvo was horrid - me vs the ikea furniture. Just when i thought i was seeing the light, i was confronted with the long plastic screws which were meant to fit into a piece of wood. i thought to myself "you cant be serious"... then i just gave up. Plus i still dont have internet (btw - thanks J and lyndon for the tips)... i just cant afford anything that is good and i simply cant go back to dial up.

So, that's a synosis of my newfound 'single' life. For those friends who i havnt told - i'm sorry, i simply havnt gotten around to it. and i feel fine. all of the above mishaps happen even when one is in a relationship.

i dont really have anything insightful to say today. but i just wanted to make use of this internet access to put something down. it sucks how when i actually do want to blog i cant.

perhaps as my friend says i should just stop whinging about how my car is a piece of crap and get it serviced. same with this internet conneciton thing. hmm... a pattern is emerging.

dont have anything to say. so i'll stop.