Saturday, September 17, 2005

Masters Exam

This is the masters exam weekend, so i'm obviously blogging as a means of procrastination.

Last nite, after our 'quick' dinner at teppansan, me and 3 other colluding amigos stood on the corner of Russell and Lt Bourke Streets watching this one guy continually cross the road. Quite literally - just back and forth. This skinny blonde guy with a very colourful strippy scarf just crossing the road again and again. Sometimes he would stop in the middle of his cross and go back. And he did it in such a comical way that you couldnt help but laugh.

And then i had a thought, what if he wasnt 'audistic' or even weird... perhaps there is a rationale explanation for his behaviour which wasnt so funny? Maybe he has at crossroads ('cuse the pun) in his life. Maybe he had a really important appointment at the other side of the road, and he just couldnt decide whether or not he should go? All the possibilities.


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