Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random thoughts etc

Just wanted to take the time to blog something - some random thoughts etc:

Was just thinking how everything is relative to everything else, and how easy it is to be absorbed in the moment.

Life isnt a competition. Its not a case of "mine's bigger than yours".

Do we look for the 'perfect partner' or the unattainable person that makes your heart skip a beat? Is this the same person?

Should i wear a white (albeit casual and funky) dress to my counsin's wedding?

Why isnt my assignment finished?

The other night i caught up with my 'party/clubbing' buddies. It was nice to reminence the 'old days' when we were 'young'. The girl who i used to think was the no. 1 party animal told me how 'old' she felt, and how she 'didnt feel like' dancing. i suddenly liked her a whole lot more.

Ever known that couple where you thought the bloke was totally whooped and the girl wore the pants? Ever have that thought completely reversed? Since then, i totally liked the girl a whole lot more.

Maybe i only like women if i can identify a 'weakness' in them? perhaps that makes me able to identify with them more?

Ever noticed how your movements can be suddenly dictated by the tempo of a song u are listening to?

You know what is comforting? Having this panic attack that your bestie became as foreign as albania, and then realising that nothing has actually changed.

Better do my assignment.

Did i tell you how much i LOVE my new white dress?


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