Sunday, March 26, 2006


Just a quite de-brief about our all u can eat jap experience. in a word, it was disapointing. the reason why the place was booked out for three weeks is because it was only big enough for about 3 or 4 tables. the menu selection was small, and they only had the very very basics. it seems like they are more a takeaway place rather than a jap restaurant. they did however have a tasty beef and asparagus salad. Some of their items were quite tasty, but simple. the sushi was disapointing. the sushi rice had been over refidgerated and was a bit hard, some of the sashimi pieces appeared to be off-cuts. the tuna was too lean, and therefore of the tasteless variety. their seared tuna salad was nice, and it seemed that the tuna in the salad was of a better quality.

still didnt stop us from stuffing ourselves silly and having a generally fun time.

all up, two stars for surf n turf.


At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, we know you've got a life and all, but you can still be cool and have a blog too heh.



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