Sunday, December 03, 2006

dance like no one's watching

surely whoever said that must have been on E.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


its always so hard to interpret things that are written arnt they?

there are the one liners - the simply brief questions that really are just that. but yet can still be open to interpretation. what, for example is the motivation behind the Q? just a general friendly concern, a token gesture, something that is done regularly by said person, or more?

is the message a cleverly crafted one - like the one that i returned? not wanting to say nothing (how can i pass a chance?) but not wanting to launch into anything. not wanting to give away too much, but want to provide enough to elicit a response. to be witty and clever and most of all careful. and what of the recipient - what goes through the mind of the recipient of my carefully designed master piece?

and the most puzzling reply. probably nothing, but could mean so much to me. i could spend hours thinking about it... reading and re-reading the words. hoping there is more, but knowing there is not. the open possibility and impossibilities of messages.