Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year?

I've kinda been a reflective mood this new years...its simply gone by so quickly, and i feel like my year has been consumed by work. not that it is necessarily bad (perhaps one needs a hard core work phase)... but i feel like i have had a good time this yer, tho not necessarily a memorable one: dinners and lunches and those sunday brunches... slow sips of coffee, sunglasses off and on as we step in and out of places, browsing aimplessly through stores filled with nic nacs and the lastest hip domestic craze...

and meanwhile the word is one ever so full of destruction, death and disaster. there is one of those 'international news year in review shows now on HK tv'... has it always been like this? war and bombings, death sentences, nuclear testing, riots and military coups and endless political change? where is the good and the love in the world - does it still exist?

and i continue my existence of dinners and partying and brunch, striving daily for that contentment and happiness from my trivial daily life - shoudl this be enough? and what can i do? Perhaps the only thing i can do is to try to me happy - i mean, surely a world so full of chaos and uncertainty can use another person who is at least somewhat 'happy' or at least can find that inner contentment when having that second sunday latte? and if everyone in the world had those small luxuries of the weekend sleep ins, the dinner at a new restaurant and friends who party - perhaps the world would be a better place?

in any event - happy new year. May 2007 be just that much better...


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