Sunday, July 02, 2006

In anecdotes i find truth...

On chairs...
Most bedrooms have a chair. This isn't where you sit, it's where your clothes sit while they're watching you sleep.

Few people wear a whole new outfit every day: among them are the Queen and the woman at work who thinks she's the Queen.

Socks and Sex

You can tell how much zest there still is in your relationship by noting when the man's socks come off; before pants means sex is still important; after pants means sex is much less important; socks on all night means sex is a distant memory.

The art of undressing

Getting undressed can be a very erotic display. There are two exceptions to this: one is when men with big ears get stuck when pulling their shirt over their head; the other is when a woman takes off her bra and has to perform a manoeuvre that makes her look as if she's unlocking a door behind her while simultaneously signalling a small aircraft in to land.