Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Back into the working week now, but for some reason, i dont really feel like getting into things right now. Surfice to say, that i'm feeling reasonably 'normal' and happy.

Receive my Red Cross Blood Donor card in the mail. Unfortunately, i'm my 'least desired' blood type - O! I was really hoping i'll be AB positive with extra weird-arse stuff which makes me some kind of super universal receiver. i think i'll take comfort to know that i'm the 'skanky ho' of blood types such that i can receive anything should the need arise.

Anyway, at least i'm "positive".

Sunday, June 19, 2005


This post is dedicated to my friend Kelvin. A complete legend.

We (ie the tax graduates of 2005) just had the best weekend away at Sorrento thanks the immense generousity of Kelvin (and his Mum), and bc Kelv and his gf N were such incredibly awesome host(ess).

The place was simply spectacular. As we drove up the street of mansions, little did we know that we would be staying at the biggest and the best. The architecture and furnishing were stylish and MOdern (just as you expect Kelv's place to be really), and...well, the place rents for $5000 per week which says something.

My manager at work was speculating that this was going to be some sort of 'mass orgy' weekend... and well, while the place was a good as the big brother house, i'm proud to say there was no nudity. There was, however, a spa and sauna. And boy did i LOVE the spa and sauna.

So, as we drank from the "Bin of Happiness" (previously known as "the evil alex"), the conversations flowed well into the night, and the objective of "getting to know each other" was fulfilled.

As with any weekend, there were some drunken incidents, "dont go there's", and of course, a really really BAD country night club.

Definitely 10 out of 10.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Absolutely addicted!

Download a free trial at sudoku.com and give it a go!

A nice way to spend a cold lazy Queens Birthday. Such a geek arnt i?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Other people's relationships.

Got some insight (or at least flashes of 'insight') into two other couple's relationships today. L has some... i suppose, 'committment' issues... but not quite in the same sense that i have. Her bf K is obsessed with her... doesnt let her go out with other 'male' friends, and goes to the extent of checking her phone bill and calling up the numbers to see who she has been calling. As a result, L, who enjoys the company of these 'male friends', lies to K about it.

I dont really understand it, but they again, it doesnt matter that i dont understand.

Then there is A (from work) and her hubby D. They are a young professional couple, who recently got married. They appear just like friends really... with a sweet spark. They remind me of how K and i used to be... well, perhaps still are (?) Dispite their 'married bliss', it was interesting that A told me last week that they actually broke for 3 months the year before they got engaged. That she had wanted to be alone for a bit, and live a free single life (sound familiar?), then after 3 months, she realised that free single life sucked, and was glad that D was still around to love her.

I dunno, makes you think about your own relationship doesnt it? It made me think about mine...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Similar yet Different

I had this thought the other which basically crystalises into a theory. The theory is this: That every thought and feeling that you would have experienced, someone else would have experienced that exact same thing previously. It doesnt mean that what happens to them is exactly the same (though it may also be true), but just the way it affects you would be the same as the way it affected them.

In this sense, we are all living each other's lives. Nothing we experience is really that special or unique.

Perhaps this theory sounds rather negative. A dint to one's ego, a realisation that one is not so special? I see it as a positive - that we should take life and ourselves a little lighter sometimes. Things are not all that bad... and if they are, then there are others to suffer with us.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Google This.

Ever wondered what is "the answer to life, the universe and everything"*?

Try asking google.

* in order to get this, you should read Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy or at least seen the movie. In fact, according to sources, you have to read it to get about 50% of the inside jokes on the vast space of the internet.