Saturday, April 30, 2005


Yes. I have a secret.

I was told that it must not be mentioned. Ever.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

various things

As the title suggests, various occurences and thoughts of late:

1. Weekend away to Daylesford

Hardly relaxing enough. It appears that somebody mistook my requested 'relaxation massage from goodlooking masseur' for the S&M version, complete with ice-maiden who dug nails into one's back and rubs one's neck til it feels sore...

Despite small ups and downs, it wasnt too bad. Daylesford is definitely a very yuppie town (sits comfortably with yuppie-self) full of gay guys (who were lovely by the way)... much like sydney really....

2. Departures

Feel quite sad actually. Jen (our lovely, vibrant and at times deviant) PA is leaving in June...Well, she isnt going that far, only to audit as a grad... but its still really sad for me. I dont think we can get someone else who is as nice and as good.... i mean, there are lots of idiotic women out there. I guess everyone else who had left hadnt really been that close to me, but Jen was always friendly to poor little me and made me feel apart of the group.

what will life be without jen?

3. Broke

Self evident really: once again i'm broke

4. Amenesia

I must have read the Pelican Brief before... its highly unlikely that i would have bought the book and not read it. Yet, as i'm (re) reading it, i have no recollection of the story/plot at all. Nothing rings a bell... at all.

5. Boredom

Life must be pretty boring for these to be my most interesting thoughts. Perhaps i'm consciencely resisting to discuss my work or boring love life here.

One thing to note is that time does go incredibly quickly at work... which is rather scary. So much time, and so little acheived.

And love life... well, again its down in the dumps. Perhaps its time for an affair...? Maybe if someone with non-presumptious, non-self righteous friends who feel the right/need to barge into your life? Maybe that will be too hard.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Game

Just came back from my first footy match. And may i just say that i absolutely loved it. My cousin (who took me), an avid geelong fan, was most pleased with their thrashing over Essendon.

I never really "got" footy before. But perhaps my mind is changed from now. The speed of the game, the skill in each pass and kick, the grace in the coordination and movement of players, the fierce passion, the physical battles, and of course the buff men in tight shorts all add to the excitement and addictiveness of the game. Another observation is the type of people who go to the footy. There were actually a whole lot more young ppl then i had thought. Young guys and girls dressed up for a casual night out, beers and cheap wine free flowing - perhaps not a bad place to pick up? Plus, as a chick, watching 2 hours of men running after a ball, getting into fierce and physical arguments... and oh, their very very toned arms... is really not such a bad sat night.

And it does help that we had really kick-arse seats (thanks V) and that i got a really good view of Hirdy's flowing golden locks........ hmm....(?)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Little things forgotten.

As evident through my recent blogs, i think the whole work thing is undoubtably taking over my life. All of my conversations, thoughts and general sources of paranoia are somehow related to the 9 to 5 (or perhaps more correctly: 9 til... forever). My work colleague asked me recently whether it had dawned on me yet that i'll be doing this for the rest of my life.

So perhaps a little message from a friend of a past life (AKA uni) came as a timely reminder of the little things that have been forgotten:

"think happy thoughts like affordable shoe shopping and puddle jumping with grace and integrity"

A little can make a difference.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Another week...

It kinda sucks that i now only have time to blog once a week. I guess the highlight would have to be friday night - though nothing much really happened. It was more getting drunk with people from work - there seems to be a pattern emerging.

On a 'happy' note, i met another one of my 'target' cute guys from work, and also, as a surprise throw-in, i met this other bloke from uni (who's actually still at uni) who i used to perve on on the train. So to avoid sounding like a total pervert (i word i often use after binge watching british romantic-comedies), i really must finish my blog on another note. Perhaps some useless info would surfice?

I read in Marie Claire today that the average beer contains around 600 kilojoules (for those who dont know, that's the stuff that makes you fat). So one beer is equivalent to a streets paddle pop, two is equal to having a mars bar, three is around the same as a bucket of hot chips, and four would be a whole two course dinner. And on the most recent friday nite, i had 4 beers follow promptly by KFC.

KFC, by the way, would be equivalent to about 60 billion beers. Yes, it is that good.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Have you ever?

Tasted a bottle of $700 vino??

Of course, it's not something that i can afford or care to spend my hard earned dosh on, but hey - if the opportunity comes up, why not? Who would have thought that my boss at work, a man who was (and possibly still is) a sparky by trade would one day be buying his free-loading pond-scum employees $700 bottles of wine at Supper Club. And a man who quite regularly does so, mite i add, for the normally lovely staff at the Supper Club were definitely extra lovely that night.

Now back to the wine. I'm not a wine buff. Truthfully, i mainly drink to 1. get pissed and 2. exude an image of class and social aptness, but this 1988 Hill and GRace Shiraz was truely beautiful. The taste was undoubtably smooth but the 'bouquet' (haha - use of a technical vino term!) was magnificent. Being a shiraz, it was richly fruity, like berries (yes - almost like ribena) followed by a deep earthy finish which can only be described as 'barnyard manure' (oddly enough, another vino term i learnt from the hunter valley last year!).

Perhaps one day this puddle jumper can have the pleasure of spending ridiculous amounts of money on wine? Most likely i'll spend it on shoes.