Sunday, July 17, 2005

12 degrees

It's 12 degrees today, and i can definitely feel it. I've been at home for most of this weekend. I guess that it kinda suits my present mood.

Sometimes you need to just curl up on the couch in the dark watching hours upon hours of bad television. today i felt my brain go numb. That was promptly followed by the realisation that television simply does nothing for you. You dont learn anything, and it doesnt provoke any thought whatsoever. And after that brief moment of realisation, i continued to watch it some more.

i read in a book once that colder cities tend to be the perfect brewing ground for culture and the intellectual. the cold weather, it was claimed, was conducive of being indoors and, well, thinking. I guess i theory is that the 'thinking' would somehow lead to great ideas. The book must be talking about a time before television was invented.


At 12:00 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

Obviously you're on Cetigrade, right? 12 degrees Farenheit is pretty damn cold.

Wait a minute, you're in Australia. So you're in the middle of winter right now. It's Summer here.


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