Saturday, July 30, 2005


This is my token weekend blog. I dont really have anything to say right now. During the week i remember having several brain-waves but the thought of staring at the computer screen after work was too much to bare.

So here i am, on a relaxed sat arvo (not hungover!! horray!) with nothing much to say.

Perhaps i should just make a list of things - for the sake of it:

1. On Tuesday nite (i think) i had a dream. I was going off to uni carrying one of those rediculously heavy law text books (u know- those butterworths ones), when i suddenly realised that i had already graduated. Elated by my discovery, i thought that maybe i should just discard the text book and go shopping. However, my happiness didnt last long - someone told me in the dream that i had to go to work, but i was also actually still at uni.

Then i woke up. And i realised that my nightmare was a reality. Our masters classes started yesterday.

2. Had a group bonding session yesterday. Bowling from 3pm followed by drinking til eternity. My favourite manager A, and favorite senior M got completely drunk. A's husband, D, joined us for drinks. D's friend thought i was hot. hahaha...

3. B is inviting us over for a civilised dinner party tonite. very exciting stuff. Am very pleased that i bought her favourite white wine at a nice discount.

4. Cant believe i still havnt seen Sin City. Will do tmr though.

5. Read Sevenchild's comment on my last blog. Am very happy to hear from her. very happy.

6. Sent off my dear little W last nite. Hope she has a wonderful time in Europe/UK and find whatevery she feels is missing in her life.

7. Had a bit of a shop today - probably explains my new positive outlook. Am very please.


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