Monday, August 01, 2005

Just one of those days

Its another one of those "i want to quit my job" mondays. And i've only worked full time for about 5 months. It was a busy busy busy day (yes i had to say it three times) and i still managed to attend a lunch time seminar for young practicioners (or as my friend suggested - young malpracticioners).

The seminar was at a rival firm in their brand spanking new office. It amazes me how their new office somehow looks so much "newer" than our new office. Plus, there is definitely a substantial dose of "mine's bigger than yours sydrome". Of course, the partner who was presenting never failed to mention the brand new too-high-tech-for-mere-mortals technology - though i have to admit that the wireless whiteboard which allows whatever is written on it to be captured in real time on the computer screen is pretty snazzy, it even recognises the use of different coloured markers.

The presenter continually dwelled on how this technology allows a whole different style of presentation compared with the now ubiquitous powerpoint. Perhaps nobody had pointed out to him that really his 'new style of presentation' is just the same as my grade 5 teacher writing on an overhead projector slide - those pick up the different coloured markers too. i could imagine about 10 years ago some other presenter at another firm would have blabbed on about powerpoint as the new way of presenting things.

But all things aside, the views, the grandeur of the lifts, the snazzy security gates, the too-cool-for-school whiteboards are all unimportant really. They dont make me want to jump ship and go crawling back to the position i rejected from them.

But man - those lunch sandwiches were good. Maybe i should have a dig around for my letter of offer again...


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