Monday, August 22, 2005

bad mood

i hate it when i get in a bad mood. and i know that its merely that: a mood. Something completely unjustified. but yet something that is incredibly real.

i wish i could not be so grumpy. to not think and act the way i do. to be more diplomatic and easy going, and to not say or act in rash ways. i wish i could just be alone and not have to subject the ppl around me to my moody ways - but i know that it wont just go away. i know that if i were alone i would feel worse. i know that i'm craving attention, someone to say exactly the right things, someone who will not irritate me and to cheer me up. but there is noone. or maybe there is, but my bad mood just wont let them in anyway.

i'm sensing that its PMs? i hope it's not (have places to go next weekend)

Either way, i hope that goes away, for my sake, and everyone elses.


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