Saturday, August 20, 2005

I think i'm falling in love.

I have this friend, T, and i think i mite be falling in love with her.

No - i'm not giving lesbianism 'a go' (i'm not really in that teenage sexual experimental phase), but perhaps if i were a lesbian, i'ld go for T.

She's just the perfect chick.

- She's hot (hot enough so that guys/lesbians would want her, but not so hot that it makes her chickfriends uncomfortable/jealous);

- great to talk too (can talk abt anything to anyone: fashion and gossip, law, music, cinema, books, tv, food/restaurants, travel, general bullshit - and would never patrionise but make u feel dumb for not knowing something),

- very easy going;

- very very nice (but not so nice as to have no personality - she's great for a bitching session);

- and has a great sense of humour.

I mean what's not to love? (for the Boys, please dont ask me for her number - she's taken). How can one person be so perfect? Is it just that stage of our friendship where i simply have yet to discover her 'dark side'? or maybe it's not that she is perfect that just that we are very compatible as friends? or maybe i love her bc she has cute friends who thinks i'm hot (hehe...)

i must sound like a weirdo - but trust me, she is an awesome chick.


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